March 9, 2020

02 Destination: Earth - Episode 2 “A Children’s Tale”

Spin and Garvey meet Professor Anderton and his daughter Jenna. The professor wants to recruit them to find a very special planet. Surely, he can't be serious. Everyone knows that this particular planet does not exist...

Cast & Crew:  Spin Braddock - Jerry Retford, Garvey - Jett Tattersall, Jenna - Jemimah Knight, Professor Anderton - Peter McAllum, Narrator - Francis Edwards, Music - Silke Matzpohl, Recording Engineer - John Hresc, Written & Directed by - Patrick McGinley, Supporting Cast: Jackson Ryan, Laura Cross, Greg Eccleston, David Anderson, Rachael McGinley, Billy, Recorded at Sydney Sound Brewery







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