The Story

February 27, 2020



Destination: Earth is set aeons in the future. The human race has colonised the galaxy and the fact that we once lived on a single planet has long since passed into legend. Earth is regarded as a myth akin to Noah's Ark.

Professor Anderton, a passionate scholar, has devoted his life to finding Earth. He is convinced that the human home world is real. Together with his daughter Jenna, he has uncovered a clue to Earth's location. He hires down-on-his-luck grifter Spin Braddock and his pilot Garvey to fly to the distant ice planet Aydon, where he has located an ancient colony ship. He hopes to recover the coordinates of Earth from the ship's memory.

But they are not alone. The Gray, a ruthless alien species is also on the hunt for Earth. They have constructed a diabolical weapon that could wipe humanity off the galactic map.

What follows is a treasure hunt to the four corners of the universe. Our heroes will travel to distant planets, barren moons and humongous alien motherships in a race to find Earth. Will they solve the big mystery of humanity's origin?

You'll have to tune in to find out.

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