The Music

February 27, 2020


Silke Matzpohl - composer

The story of life is my passion for music. Drama, drama, drama…No, seriously! I love to write music for drama-driven feature films where I can show my talent for composing the perfect musical language and nuances. I started playing piano at a very young age, and quickly discovered that music is my world. After winning several national and international piano awards I received a scholarship at the age of thirteen and became a student at the prestigious University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich, Germany. While working for television directors I was asked to write music for their films, and that’s when I began composing. It was then that I realized, “Music and movies…this is for me”.

In 2009 I moved to Los Angeles to work in the movie capital of the world.

I worked on Drag me to hell (Universal Pictures), Love Happens (Universal Pictures) for the composer Christopher Young, among others. In 2018 I started writing Trailer Music for NBCUniversal on such projects as Mortal Engines, Pets 2, Downton Abbey, Cats, Invisible Man, and others.

Beside composing Music I also work as a Musical Director and Piano Accompanist for Dance.


Destination: Earth

I was very honored, when Patrick asked me to write the music for his audio drama Destination: Earth. We've known each other for years and I had no doubt in his abilities as a writer/director.

At first, I composed the music for the trailer and we started locking down a main theme. Through my work writing trailer music for Universal NBC, I gained a lot of experience teasing out a project's identity through music. Patrick had great musical insight, and it was joy to work with him. On the strength of the trailer soundtrack, he hired me to write the entire score. We approached the work like a movie soundtrack. Patrick edited the episodes with temp tracks, and when we had "picture lock" - meaning the scenes wouldn't change anymore - I composed the score to suit the action. The result is a score that is as close to a movie score as we could make it.

It's a pity that the project is over now, as it was a joy to work on.

I hope Destination: Earth has the success it deserves.






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