March 2, 2020


Patrick McGinley

Patrick has been a writer and film maker for over 15 years. Most recently he co-wrote the Amazon Prime smash hit 'El juego de las llaves'.

After graduating from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts he worked in Germany as a director and editor for clients such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Rolling Stone, Metal Hammer and others.
In 2009 he published his first novel, 'Das Bootshaus' about a girl who gets possessed by the spirit of a young murder victim. Since then he has written six YA novels in the horror series 'House of Fear' and the upcoming 'Das Zeitportal' (The Timegate).
Since 2012 he has been living in Australia where he studied sound recoding and sound design at Syndey Film School.


Destination: Earth

Destination: Earth is based on a script Patrick wrote in 2006. Fresh out of film school, he had little hope of ever getting it made. The chances of raising a multi-million-dollar-budget for an unknown science-fiction-property were minute. Every so often, he would take out the script, blow off the dust and give it a read and find to his surprise that it kinda held up. When he moved to Sydney in 2012, he studied sound recording and post production with John Hresc at Sydney Sound Brewery through Sydney Film School. That's when he had the idea of turning Destination: Earth into an audio drama. 

Destination: Earth is a German-style audio drama. If you grew up in Germany in the 80s, chances are you had a tape deck in your room and a stack of audio tapes next to it. Drama series like 'Die Drei Fragezeichen' were as ubiquitous in Germany as Disney movies and Saturday morning cartoons in the US. These audio dramas on tape featured strong narration, catchy music and lots of movie-like action. Patrick's favourite series was a movie tie-in of 'Flash Gordon' which definitely left its mark on Destination: Earth. 


(Photo credit Europa Hörspiele)


Content warning

Destination: Earth - The Audio Drama contains high-impact sci-fi action that might be scary for small children. There is no explicit language. One episode contains a suicide. (Basically, it's suitable for anyone who would enjoy a PG-13 action blockbuster) Listener discretion is advised.

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