March 28, 2020

05 Destination: Earth - Episode 5 “The Bowling Ball of Death”

Spin and Jenna sneak on board the Tay Krann Noth, the Gray mothership, to rescue Professor Anderton. They witness an event that shakes them to their core...

(content warning: This episode contains the depiction of a suicide)

Cast & Crew:  Spin Braddock - Jerry Retford, Garvey - Jett Tattersall, Jenna - Jemimah Knight, Professor Anderton - Peter McAllum, Narrator - Francis Edwards, Music - Silke Matzpohl, Recording Engineer - John Hresc, Written & Directed by - Patrick McGinley, Supporting Cast: Jackson Ryan, Laura Cross, Greg Eccleston, David Anderson, Rachael McGinley, Billy, Recorded at Sydney Sound Brewery







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